• Can I Create Coupons to Courses?

    No. Affiliates cannot create coupons for courses. Only instructors and Udemy can create coupons. If you are accepted into our affiliate program, you will regularly receive emails with our latest promotions that you can share.

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  • How do I Promote Udemy Courses?

    This article outlines how affiliates can promote Udemy courses on their websites and social media accounts.

    Udemy’s promotions

    Udemy runs promotions on courses each month. It is highly encouraged that affiliates take advantage of the opportunity to promote courses at a discounted price.

    You will receive notice of when these promotions are running via email. These promotions will have specific start and end dates, so please consider these when promoting them to your audience. Once the promotion has ended, your audience will not be able to take advantage of the deal.

    These promotions also include creative assets and banners. You are not required to use these banners in conjunction with the text links; however, it is highly encouraged.

    Can I promote specific courses?

    Yes, you can promote as many courses as you would like or a specific course. You can use the deep linking tool to create an affiliate link for a particular course you want to promote. A deep link is like any other affiliate link except it goes to a page on Udemy.com of your choosing.

    Can I promote courses from other platforms on my website?

    Yes, as long as the promotion strategy is aligned with our terms and conditions.

    Can I promote your products on more than one site?

    Yes, but you must create a separate marketing channel for each website. For example, if you applied to the program with a website, but you also want to promote the courses on a YouTube channel you own, you will have to apply with a brand new application for that YouTube channel (if the YouTube channel is about a different subject than the website you initially applied with). 

    What fees do I have to pay?

    There are no hidden fees. You can apply and become an affiliate for our program free of charge. 

    Can I create coupons for courses?

    Affiliates cannot create their own coupons for courses. Only instructors and Udemy can create coupons, which are sent regularly to every affiliate accepted into the program for them to share.

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  • Do you Provide Affiliate Tools?

    Yes, we provide text links and banners (available on all networks). We offer banners in common sizes, but if we don't have the size you need for your site, feel free to create your own creatives to promote.

    Please be mindful of how you use our logo. You can request a copy of our logo via affiliates@udemy.com so you can create a banner or creative for your promotions. We provide logos in JPEG and PNG files, in different sizes. You are allowed to use the Udemy course images as well. 

    Additionally,  you may publish a course description and curriculum on your website. However, course preview videos available on our site are copyrighted content that belongs to our instructors and are not allowed to be re-uploaded to any of your social media accounts/channels (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) or to be published on your website. You are, however, welcome to create your own review video on any of our courses.

    Do you have non-English banners on Rakuten?

    Yes, we provide banners in the following languages for affiliates to use:  French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Also, we have English banners with different currencies: American Dollar (USD), Indian Rupee (INR), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and British Pound (GBP).

    Login to your account and go to My Advertisers > Find Udemy and click View Links. Next to Banners / Images, select Category.

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