• How can I Register my Other Website to be Part of the Udemy Affiliate Program on Rakuten?

    To register a new website as part of the affiliate program:

    1. Login to your Rakuten account.
    2. Go to My Account > Marketing Channels > New Channel
    3. Fill the details about your new website and save.
    4. After you create your New Channel, you can choose which one you want to use. You can choose your new website on the top right corner.
    5. Search for the Udemy Affiliate Program and click "Apply." We'll review your application as soon as possible.
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  • Is There a Minimum Sale Needed to get Paid on Rakuten?

    Yes. Rakuten does have a minimum of $50 USD to get paid. To learn more about the minimum threshold in the Rakuten network and how it varies per advertiser you promote, you can check this resource page from Rakuten.

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  • How do I run Reports on my Affiliate Program?

    Follow the steps below to run reports on your affiliate program.

    1. In your publisher dashboard, go to Reports > Reporting.
    2. The Sales and Activity report is a good one to run regularly, as it gives you an idea of what revenue you’re generating. You can also create your custom reports that suit your needs.
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  • How do I Create Tiny URLs/links for Social Media?

    Follow these steps to create tiny URLs/links for social media.

    1. Find the link you want to use and click the “Get link” button. 
    2. Make sure you use the tracking URL. This is the first URL in any affiliate link which is within a set of quotation marks. 
    3. Use the complete URL after a href = but not including the quotation marks.
    4. You can then copy and paste this tracking link into your favorite link shorteners, such as goo.gl or bit.ly to use in social media promotions. 
    5. By using a unique bit.ly or goo.gl link for each social media platform, you’ll be able to see where your clicks are coming from in your bit.ly or goo.gl account reporting.
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  • How do I Create Multiple Links on Rakuten at Once?

    Follow these steps to create multiple links on Rakuten at once. 

    1. Select the Multiple Links button
    2. Copy the links into the field, one per line. You can create up to 50 links at one time.
    3. If you use Signature, enter a U1 value. If not, leave this optional field blank.
    4. Click Create Links
    5. Copy and paste the links into your site, send them via email or export to .csv file.
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  • How do I Create Deep Links on Rakuten?

    If you can’t find the affiliate links you are looking for in the pre-generated links we have available on Rakuten, you can create your own links using the Deep Linking tool.

    • Log in to Rakuten here
    • Go to Links > Deep Linking > select Udemy from the advertiser drop-down menu. 
    • Browse our site to find the course or category you would like to promote. 
    • You can click Browse Advertiser Site on the right to find the URL of the course, copy and paste it in the URL field.
      • Important note: the URL field includes https://. After pasting your URL, please check to make sure https:// doesn’t appear twice in your link.
    • Select the button for Single Link (to create one link) or Multiple Links (to create links for a list of URLs).
    • To create a text link, select the Text Link button and enter the copy for your text link
    • If your link includes an image, select the button for Image Link and copy the URL for the image in the Image URL field. To get the URL for the image, right click on the image and select Copy Image Location or Copy Image URL, depending on your browser.
    • OPTIONAL: Adding a tag or U1 Value – Publishers who use Rakuten Affiliate Network Signature, may enter a U1 value. An U1 Value is similar to labeling or tagging your link. For more info on this subject, please see the “Guide to Signature Tracking” here.
    • Click Create Link to generate the link code, which will appear below the Create Link box.
    • Copy and paste the code onto your site, and you’re ready for business! Your links will start tracking to the correct page almost immediately, and your activity will be listed as Deep Links in the Link Type Report and other reports.

    Always remember to test your affiliate link to make sure it goes to the page you want. To test your affiliate link, use incognito mode in your browser to make sure you don’t have any previous cookies affecting your affiliate link test.

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  • Getting Started on Rakuten

    Rakuten is one of the Affiliate networks potential publishers can apply to within our affiliate program. This article outlines how you can get started on Rakuten.

    How to apply to Rakuten

    • You can apply directly on Rakuten via the following link
    • For more information and helpful tips regarding the application process, please review this Rakuten article

    The review process may take over a week, as the application volume is high and each application is considered and reviewed thoroughly. If you do not get any reply after one week’s time, please feel free to contact our support team.

    Affiliate links

    Once you have been approved for our Affiliate program, you can access our various links to use on your website or social media channels and start promoting Udemy courses.

    To use our pre-generated links, log into your Rakuten account. Then go to Links > Get Links > select Udemy > Links > select the link type.

    We offer a variety of link types in our program. These links contain the affiliate code and other information, which will ensure that you receive proper commissions for any sales generated when one of your site visitors clicks through our website.

    • Text/Email Links: these links are in HTML code. You can add them to emails or use them in articles. You can change the final text visible as well by editing the text in the ‘Link Code’ box.
    • Product Links: recommend a particular Udemy course to your visitors by linking directly to it. You may use the product text link, the product image link, or both.
    • Banner/image: available in different sizes. Rakuten shows them as HTML code that you can copy and paste. Banners are not specific to a course; they often send people to our Home Page, Udemy.com, or to a specific category.
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  • How to Get Started With the Rakuten Advertising Network

    For more information about Rakuten, and helpful steps regarding how to get started with the affiliate network, we recommend reviewing this article, and others, in Rakuten's Publisher Help Center.

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