• How do I see how Much I Have Earned in Commissions?

    You can see your commissions under the Reporting section of your network account. You can see commissions and generate reports on the performance of your promotions.

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  • Do I get Commission From Purchases Made on the Udemy Mobile App?

    Unfortunately, no. Sales through the mobile app are not commissionable. Currently, we can't track affiliate commissions for purchases that happen through the Udemy Mobile App, nor do we manage those payments since they are all processed and handled by Apple/Google.

    We do, however, attribute affiliates for sales that happen on the mobile version of our site. If a user clicks your affiliate link using a mobile browser and purchases a course within the cookie window for that course, you'll earn a commission.

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  • What is the Commission?

    This article explains when Udemy affiliates earn a commission and how much the commission is.

    When do affiliates earn a commission?

    You will earn a commission for every paid course purchase you refer to us. Our cookies are universal so you will get credit for any paid course the customer you refer to us buys. Except in the case when customers make a purchase using a free coupon code to pay, or if the course is free. You will NOT be credited for purchases made after the 7 day cookie expires.

    What is the commission?

    Our baseline commission is 10% of valid affiliate sales with an increase based on performance. Our cookies last 7 days. So, for example, if a user clicks through your affiliate link and buys a Udemy course, you earn a commission. If the user decides to click through your link but doesn’t proceed with the purchase, the attribution cookie is still stored on the browser the user used while clicking your link. If the user comes back to Udemy and makes a paid purchase within 7 days, you will earn a commission.

    Another example is if a user buys multiple courses within 7 days of clicking on your tracking link, you will earn a commission on all those courses. We also run affiliate, exclusive promotions so there are plenty of opportunities to earn above and beyond our base rate!

    Commissionable vs. non-commissionable items

    You can earn a commission by promoting the majority of our courses on our website. Certain courses, however, will not be commissionable as is the case with free courses, purchases that are made with unapproved codes, and subscription purchases.

    Can I ask for a larger commission?

    If your program is a top earner, or in a vertical in which we are looking to expand, our team will reach out to you proactively to discuss opportunities for a temporarily, increased commission. Our team also considers whether your program provides added value placements such as email newsletter placements, on-site placements, social media promotions, or similar placements.


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