• 10 Easy Ways to Start Promoting as an Affiliate

    When you're involved in affiliate marketing, one of the major concerns you'll have to face is driving traffic to your site. And not just any traffic – you'll need targeted, organic traffic (paid ads are not allowed). 

    Here are some proven ways you can drive quality traffic to your affiliate marketing site and increase your potential to generate income:

    Write your own product reviews - You will get the best results from writing your own product reviews (even if it's a short review!). You don't have to be a good writer. Just write what you really think about the course. When you publish your course review, use your affiliate link to send users to our website.

    Publish your product reviews across different sites: Post your reviews on other forums or free sites getting your site well known is great for driving traffic. Search online for popular marketing and affiliate forums and become involved; make frequent contributions to popular threads so you can learn new techniques as well as become an authority. Be sure to go into your forum profile and edit your "signature". Make a signature that includes your affiliate link, or a link to your own "review" website of our courses. That way, every time you make a post, anyone who sees it will see your signature and potentially click on your affiliate link.

    Make a press release out of your product reviews: Once, every few weeks, post a press release using a digital press release service, in which you include your favorable review of our course, along with your affiliate link. Some companies will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines if you pay them a small fee, potentially sending you thousands of visitors.

    Make video reviews of our courses: Record short video reviews about our courses and upload it to YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Whether it’s through voice reviews or as a presenter while on the videos, it’s a great way to have that personal engagement with your audience. Remember that gaining your users’ loyalty increases their interest and commitment to follow your content.

    Run email marketing campaigns: The direct promotion via email has really taken off over the last years, and if you have a list of subscribers or plan on growing one, you should really try incorporating email marketing campaigns promoting our courses. Used carefully, email campaigns can easily drive targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing site. This can be done by providing highly relevant and valuable information on the body of the message and then offering a link that will bring the recipients into your site. You can do this two ways: one is by providing the full content in the e-mail message and then offering a link inviting the recipient to view more similar write-ups on your site. Another is by giving only a portion of the content and offering the rest on the affiliate site. A linked email signature should also be included. If you plan to use email as a method of promoting your links, you should stand behind what you sell and make yourself available to answer any questions.

    Host a contest:  Locate your target market and then promote a contest through social media and emails.  All details must be found on your affiliate marketing website so you can drive traffic there. Registration must also be performed on one of your landing pages. Just make sure to offer prizes that visitors will find useful.

    Talk to your visitors - If you have your own website, simply talk to your visitors in real-time using live chat software on your website and send them your affiliate links through chat. Remember that keeping your visitors engaged with you is always a great way to keep traffic flowing on your site. Users will keep coming back to consume your content.

    Become a guest blogger - You could drive another blog's captured traffic to your affiliate site by becoming a guest blogger. If you can write well and can offer unique and useful content, the site's readership will find you interesting enough to follow you to your own site. After all, blog posts that have a similar focus to your site, even if they're not as big as other blogs, will enable you to target your ideal audience more effectively.

    Utilize social bookmarking sites - These are a rich source of targeted traffic that you can drive to your affiliate marketing site. Your market demographics are also easier to define so sending out invitations to potential leads and members is a lot easier.

    Final thoughts

    Try to think like a visitor – what drives you to go back to your favorite content creator’s website or channel? What do they do that makes you like their content? When they come to your page with a review or affiliate link, you should draw their attention, build curiosity or a feeling that they might need this kind of solution. You want the content on your site to be thought-provoking and actionable.

    Having said that, feel free to experiment with different banners, text links, or reviews. Keep the ones that bring good results, and change the low-performing ones. Sometimes changing only a few words or the color of an image can make a huge difference.

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