• Application Status

    This article includes answers to some frequently asked questions we received regarding the status of affiliate applications.

    What’s the status of my application? 

    When you apply, your application’s status will be pending. We will reach out to you once it’s reviewed.

    How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

    The review process may take over a week, as the application volume is high and each application is considered and reviewed thoroughly. If you do not get any reply after one week’s time, please feel free to contact our support team.

    My application for an affiliate program was denied. Can I apply again?

    Our team reviews and considers every application very carefully before making a final decision. If your application is denied, please feel free to contact our support team to enquire about the reason for its decline. 

    It is possible that your website may not have met certain requirements at the moment of the application, so please keep in mind that you can apply again in the future. We’d be happy to review the application once more as we value what every potential applicant can bring to our affiliate program. 

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